Retail fuel market

The cost of fuel affects almost every household and business in the Northern Territory (NT) in the way that they budget and spend. In this section, analysis is provided on the Northern Territory's monthly average petrol prices, including unleaded petrol and diesel retail prices, terminal gate prices, gross indicative retail differences and brent crude oil prices.

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The cost of fuel affects almost every household and business in the NT in the way they budget and spend. The NT Government continues to implement a number of measures to improve fuel price transparency for NT motorists and place downward pressure on fuel prices. These measures form part of the NT Government’s continuing response to recommendations made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in its 2015 Report on the Darwin Petrol Market and initiatives developed by other jurisdictions.

As a result, the Department of Treasury and Finance has enhanced reporting and analysis of fuel prices across the NT by including analysis of unleaded petrol, diesel fuel, wholesale price margins and capital cities fuel price comparisons. A key measure was the introduction of MyFuel NT in November 2017, which allows consumers to easily compare fuel prices and to shop around for the lowest local prices.

The practice of displaying discounted fuel prices on fuel display boards has been discontinued to provide customers with real time retail prices, and to ensure the price advertised on display boards matches the undiscounted price of fuel at the register and the bowser.

Recent activity

In the four weeks to 3 July 2022, the monthly average price for unleaded petrol was (Chart 1):

The monthly average price for diesel was (Chart 2):

For the latest available data and analysis for the NT and its regions, see the Department of Treasury and Finance’s Fuel prices economic brief.

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Explanatory notes