Northern Territory economic outlook publications

The Department of Treasury and Finance publishes forecasts for the Northern Territory’s (NT) key economic indicators as well as analysis on the outlook for the NT’s major industries as part of the annual budget process. The forecasts for the NT’s key economic indicators are updated as part of the Mid-Year Report each year. Please go to the Outlook page for the current forecasts.

Northern Territory Economy book - updated 7 May 2019

The NT Economy book provides an assessment of the NT economy. It includes analysis of recent activity and outlook for the key economic indicators, including economic growth, external economic environment, population, labour market, prices and wages, and the residential property market. It provides an outlook for the structure of the NT economy and main industries, including mining and manufacturing, construction, defence, tourism, retail and wholesale trade, government and community services, and agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

In addition, the Economy Overview book provides a summary of the outlook for the NT economy across a range of key economic indicators and industries, consistent with the NT Economy book.

To access the latest NT Economy Book that was published as part of 2019-20 Budget, go to the budget and finance section on the Department of Treasury and Finance website. Past budget publications, including the NT Economy book, can also be accessed on the same website.

Mid-Year Report - updated 27 November 2019

The 2019-20 Mid‑Year Report was published on 27 November 2019 and contains revised forecasts for the NT’s key economic indicators from the 2019-20 Budget NT Economy book.

The Mid-Year Report provides an update on the current fiscal and economic outlook for the NT and includes updated forecasts for the NT’s key economic indicators, based on material variations that have occurred since the budget